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A Global Chemical Supply Chain & Sourcing Solutions company in the EU conceptualised by a visionary Late Dr. Gautam Ray, Ph.D in Polymer Chemistry, more than 2 decades ago.

Partnering with many global chemical manufacturers for strategic promotion of their products, identifying key markets and driving new alternative technology towards sustainable development with eco-friendly raw materials. Our dedicated techno-commercial team closely interact & engage in implementation of new technologies.

Empowering Chemical Industries in sectors like construction chemicals, PU Foams, Plywood Resins, Refractories, Drilling Chemicals, Activated Carbons, Hydraulic Fluids, Dyes, Lubricants, Powder Metallurgy, PTFE, Friction, Pharmaceuticals and renewable biomass products backed by in-house research and data analysis.

Professionally run family owned business, adaptive to innovative technology & equipped with rich experience and sectoral expertise.

chemIQ is a key to the supply chain management of a business; it couldn’t have been better by bridging the gap between suppliers & customers with trust & confidence.

Find a new market for your product or a new raw material for your production. GAUTAM ZEN is ready to offer intelligent solutions for your business.

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