carbon negative asphalt kraft lignin

Carbon-Negative Asphalt with Kraft Lignin

Carbon-Negative Asphalt with Kraft Lignin

Press Release by Jay CooneyChief Marketing and Communications Officer, Harsco Environmental

CAMP HILL, PA (April, 25th, 2022) – Harsco Corporation (NYSE: HSC), a global market leader providing environmental solutions, announced Steelphalt, a part of its Harsco Environmental division has launched a carbon-negative asphalt product.

SteelPhalt’s asphalt products use 95% recycled steel slag. Prior steelphalt asphalt products use bitumen to bind the asphalt.  Bitumen is an oil-based binder product with a significant carbon footprint.

Steelphalt’s new asphalt product, called SteelSurf ECO+, uses Kraft Lignin-based Lineo®, a renewable bio-based substance, supplied by GautamZenUK in collaboration with Stora Enso, as an alternative to bitumen dramatically reducing the product’s carbon footprint.

“In our journey to become the world’s most sustainable asphalt supplier, this is a huge step forward,” said Julian Smith, SteelPhalt Strategic Growth Director. “This product is an example of what our team’s collective passion for innovation and sustainability can deliver while making the world a greener place.”

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