CarbonSINK Bio Lignin Asphalt

CarbonSINK Bio Lignin Asphalt

BioBinder Lignin with CarbonSINK in Asphalt

Location: Liverpool City Council

Date: November 2023

Collaborators DowHIGH Ltd, CEMEX UK LTD, Liverpool City Council, Gautam ZEN UK

Products: BioBinder Lignin, SMA Aggregates, Bitumen

Aim: Production of CarbonSINK Bio Lignin Asphalt SMA with BioBinder Lignin

Notes: Liverpool City Council, the governing body of Liverpool, England, has taken a step forward by exploring the benefits of using BioBinder in Asphalt. DowHIGH Ltd, a civil engineering company based in Liverpool, provides a range of public works and expertise in the North West. They collaborated with CEMEX UK LTD, known for their industry-leading high-performance asphalt grades suitable for various applications including highways, local authorities, housing, utilities, sports, and more and Gautam ZEN UK LTD, a company specializing in sustainable and renewable supply solutions, supplied BioBinder Lignin for this project.

As per the requirements, CEMEX UK LTD supplied SMA-grade asphalt with Kraft Lignin, which replaced a certain percentage of bitumen. Normally, CEMEX products use bitumen, an oil-based binder with a significant carbon footprint, to bind the asphalt. The use of BioBinder Kraft Lignin, a renewable bio-based substance, as an alternative, dramatically reduces the product’s carbon footprint and it requires Warm Mix Asphalt temperatures of 135°C-145°C. The inherent carbon sink locked in the asphalt roads offsets the positive emissions. The project was carried out at a Liverpool City Council site.

Carbon Savings Scope per ton of BioBinder
No Chemical Additive to produce WMA
Consistent Grade of BioBinder with inherent CarbonSINK

Climate change represents the most significant challenge facing our planet today, demanding that we reduce carbon emissions in our everyday activities. At GautamZenUK, we have assessed the carbon footprint of all our services and operations, allowing us to take substantial steps towards our goal of achieving carbon neutrality.

Project Summary:

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