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Low Carbon Bio Asphalt

Low Carbon Bio Lignin Asphalt Road Warm Mix BioAsphalt (WMA) with Steelslag and BioBinder Lignin. BioAsphalt in the UK

ligno lignin Biobased Soil Stabilization

Biobased Soil Stabilization

Low Carbon Biobased Ligno Soil Stabilization is an eco-friendly dust control and surface stabilizer, based on natural plant polymers, distinctively applied on unpaved and gravel roads. This sustainable solution reduces carbon footprint, extends the road lifespan and decreases maintenance. Using this binder effectively keeps unsealed roads stable and dust-free, supports renewable resources, and lessens water usage.

Decarbonizing Roads Bio Lignin Asphalt

Low Carbon Bio Lignin Asphalt

Switch to Low Carbon Bio Binder Lignin Asphalt for local council roads & reduce carbon footprints, emissions with no change in quality or performance.

Low Carbon Bio Lignin Asphalt Road

BioAsphalt The Way Forward

Kraft Lignin as biobased alternative to Fossil based Bitumen in asphalting leading to BioAsphalt by lowering emissions & carbon footprints.

Basketball Court Lignin Asphalt

Basketball Court Lignin Asphalt

Basketball Court with Bio Lignin Asphalt is a sustainable & low carbon footprint infrastructure that promotes a healthier environment for students & athletes

ChemUK Chemical Industry Expo ZenUK

ChemUK Chemical Industry Expo

In the ChemUK 2021 – Chemical Industry Expo, let there be a Green Focus. Now, it is time to shift to biopolymer for sustainable development. Meet Gautam ZEN UK at Stand No. L36 @ NEC Birmingham on 15-16th Sep 2021