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Kraft Lignin Bitumen Emulsion

Kraft Lignin Cationic Bitumen Emulsion

Kraft Lignin Bitumen Emulsion


  • Basic Ideas of Bitumen Emulsion or BioEmulsion 
  • Indicative process of production of the Lignin Emulsifier
  • Indicative process of production of the Bitumen Emulsion 


Bitumen Emulsion using LIGNIN is a very new concept that is still undergoing standardization. The information available from various research papers and journals have been consulted to write this brief note on Lignin based cationic Bitumen Emulsion. The reader is advised to crosscheck the information & conduct sufficient lab work to come up with their workable methodology. 

The higher value application of lignin can be used as an emulsifier for asphalt emulsions. Various alkali lignins (kraft lignin) have been used as asphalt emulsifiers, such as lignin quaternary ammonium salts and ethylene amine/formaldehyde lignins.

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