Low Carbon Bio Asphalt

BioBinder Lignin replaces Bitumen in Asphalt

Location: Rotherham Borough Council

Date: March 2022

Collaborators Harsco Steelphalt, Rotherham Borough Council, Gautam ZEN UK

Products: BioBinder Lignin, Steel Slag Aggregates [3/8-inch (10mm)], Bitumen

Aim: Production of Carbon Neutral Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) with Steelslag and BioBinder Lignin

Notes: Harsco Corporation (NYSE: HSC), a global market leader providing environmental solutions, Steelphalt, a part of its Harsco Environmental division launched a new asphalt product, called SteelSurf ECO+ made with steel slag & BioBinder Kraft Lignin from GautamZenUK.

SteelPhalt’s asphalt products use 95% recycled steel slag. Prior steelphalt asphalt products use bitumen to bind the asphalt.  Bitumen is an oil-based binder product with a significant carbon footprint. Asphalt is traditionally mixed at 302-356°F (150-180°C). The new product uses Kraft Lignin, a renewable bio-based substance, as an alternative to bitumen dramatically reducing the product’s carbon footprint & it requires warm-mix asphalt (WMA) temperatures of 275-293°F (135-145°C). The project was done at a Rotherham Borough Council site.

Carbon Savings Scope for every ton of BioBinder
No Chemical Additive to produce WMA
Consistent Grade of BioBinder with inherent CarbonSINK

The most significant challenge confronting our planet is climate change, necessitating actions to minimize carbon emissions in our daily activities. At GautamZenUK, we’ve evaluated the carbon footprint of all our services and operations, enabling us to implement significant measures aimed at achieving our carbon neutrality objective.

Project Update: Review after 1 year

Date: March 2023

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