3Mercaptopropionic Acid – Chain Transfer Agent

3-Mercaptopropionic Acid [3-MPA] contains both carboxylic acid and thiol groups. 3 Mercaptopropionic Acid [3-MPA] is a colorless oil and derived from the addition of hydrogen sulfide to acrylic acid.

#Application Area:

1. Pharmaceutical intermediate;
2. Chain transfer agent for Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer
3. Raw material for PVC tin stabilizers;
4. Concrete admixture.

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3Mercaptopropionic Acid 3MPA as Chain Transfer Agent

Appearance : Clear water colour liquid
Melting point : 16.8℃
Purity ( By GC ) : 99% min
Melting point : 16.8 deg c
Colour : 45 max
Fe (ppm) : 2 max
Cl (ppm) : 100 max
Acid number : 550 max
Boiling point : 85-86 deg c
Flash point : 93 deg c

#Packing: 250 Kg drum with pallets

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Weight5000 kg
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