Acetonitrile (Technical) Solvent

Acetonitrile, also called methyl cyanide, is the simplest organic nitrile,  used as a solvent to dissolve organic compounds, as a raw material for organic synthesis and for extracting resins, phenols and colouring substances from hydrocarbons and oil.

#Application Area:

  • It is used as a general purpose solvent for many compounds.
  • It is replacing acrylonitrile, an important starting material in the manufacture of fabrics, plastics, and synthetic rubber.

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Acetonitrile (Technical)

#HS Code: 29269000
#CAS No.: 75-05-08

Assay(% GC by area) 99.5% Min
Water(%w/v) 0.1 Max
Residue on evaporation (%w/w) 0.005 Max
Acidity: 1000ppm Max
Appearance: 10 HAZEN

#Packing: In drums / IBC / Bulk

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Weight20000 kg

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