Acrylic Acid

Acrylic acid (IUPAC: prop-2-enoic acid) is an organic compound with the formula CH2=CHCOOH produced from propylene which is a byproduct of ethylene and gasoline production. A simplest unsaturated carboxylic acid.

#Application Area:
Acrylic acid has two main uses
1. as a chemical intermediate in the production of acrylic esters and resins.
2. as a building block in the production of polyacrylic acid polymers, polycarboxylate ethers.

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Item Specification
Purity : %(M/M) 99.5% min
Water Content : %(M/M) 0.2% Max
Color (PT-CO) : 20 Max
Inhibitor as MEHQ : MG/KG 180-220

Packing : 200 kg per drum or ISO Tanks

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Weight20000 kg