Kraft Lignin for Sustainable Future

Kraft Lignin is Future READY, an eco friendly sustainable future to reduce carbon footprint.

#Applications :
In wide range of industrial applications, including advanced materials and performance chemicals. Also in Adhesives, Construction, Carbon Products, Dispersants, Natural Binders, PF Resins. Its polyphenolic structure makes it especially suitable as chemical building block for several end uses.

Ask for #zenSOLUTIONS to replace Bitumen & Phenol in industrial applications or New applications like Bitumen Emulsions.

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Kraft Lignin for Sustainable Future

It is separated during the pulping process & is a natural glue that holds wood fibres together. A very high-purity product with high dispersibility and reactivity in chemical formulations. This Kraft Lignin has low Ash & low Sulphur therefore it is best suited for specialised applications like glue industries, asphalting , emulsion etc.

Excellent Raw Material for
BioAsphalt – By partial replacement of Bitumen
L-P-F Resin – By partial replacement of Phenol

#Packing:  in bags stuffed in containers

A crucial component, a complex organic polymer found in the cell walls of plants. It is primarily derived from the pulping process, a widely used method for converting wood into paper pulp. A product of significant interest and importance in various industries, including the paper and pulp, bioenergy, and bioplastics sectors, as it offers several unique properties and potential applications.

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Weight20000 kg