Lignosulphonate A byproduct of the sulfite pulping process, a water-soluble anionic polymer. A bio-degradable & environmentally friendly natural glue for Dust Control.


  • Spray-ON: Once diluted to 10% dry solids – can be sprayed onto road surfaces multiple times to facilitate surface penetration
  • Mix-IN: Mix with Soil prior to compaction – a more permanent solution

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Due to inherent binding properties when applied to dusty surfaces, they can bind with the dust particles. This binding action helps to agglomerate the particles, preventing them from becoming airborne.

Its hygroscopic nature helps absorb &retain moisture from the surrounding environment. This can be advantageous for dust control, as the moistened particles are less likely to become airborne.

Also used as a Soil Stabilization agent that can be applied to unpaved surfaces, to help reduce dust by binding soil particles together and improving the overall stability of the surface.

#Grade: Biobased, Natural Product
#Type: Surfactant, polymeric binder & disperser/plasticizer

Dry Solid content96+/- 2%
Na [Refer to dry substance]13 +/- 1%
pH [10% Solution]5.0 ~ 7.5
Insoluble @40 °C4% max

#Packing: Bags with pallets

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Weight5000 kg