Pentaerythritol for Alkyd Resins

Used as building block in Alkyd resins, radiation curing monomers, polyurethanes, rosin esters and synthetic lubricants.

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Pentaerythritol Mono is a white crystalline polyhydric alcohol containing four primary hydroxyl groups.

Appearance White Crystal or Powder
Purity 98% Min
Moisture 0.5% Max
Ash 0.08% Max
Melting Point 220 Deg C Min
O H Group 47.5% Min
Color (Phthalate) 2 Max
State of Water Soln Neutral & Transparent

#Grades: Mono
#Certification: ECHA REACH Approved
#Packing: 25Kg Net bags without pallets in 1x 20’fcl

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Weight20000 kg
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