Petroleum Hydrocarbon Resins

Key Characteristics:

  • ·Low Molecular weight
  • ·Good compatibility with synthetic rubbers and elastomers
  • ·Good chemical stability
  • ·Good resistance to acids, alkalis and moisture

1. Hydrocarbon resins are used as tackifiers, performance modifiers and homogenizing agents.
2. They are extensively used in the manufacture of rubbers, coatings, printing inks, and adhesives.
3. Used for hot melts, PSA tapes and labels.
4. In paints, they provide superior pigment wetting, enhanced adhesion, gloss, and film hardness.

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Petroleum Hydrocarbon Resins

This is thermoplastic, brown yellow aromatic resin obtained from petroleum-derived monomers. It is characterized by low molecular weight, a high level of compatibility, by excellent resistance to acids, alkalies and moisture. When formulated with elastomers, a good balance of flex, tear, tack and adhesion properties.

Color Grade (Ga#) Max. 18 ASTM D1544
Softening Point (R&B) 100-109 ASTM E28
Acid Number (KOH mg/g) Max. 0.3 ASTM D-974
Ash Content(wt%) Max. 0.05 ASTM 2451

#Packing: 25kg bags with Pallet

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Weight20000 kg