Petroleum Pitch

Petroleum Pitch is an alternative and supplement to coal tar pitch. The PAH level is up to 10 times lower than coal tar pitch without considerable lowering of the carbon content. Medium & High Softening Point Grades


Special Applications like production of refractory bricks, clay pigeons, battery, carbon-carbon composites etc. It is also used as a blend into coal tar pitch and for other specialty applications.


  • Different grades to meet different applications
  • Product consistency
  • Low PAH Value
  • High Carbon Content
  • Reduce carbon footprints

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Petroleum Pitch Standard Specifications
Softening Point (Met) (ASTM D 3104): 107-115 °C
Toluene Insolubles : > 5 %
Quinoline Insolubles : < 3 %
Coking Value(Sers) : > 41 %
Ash(800°C) : < 0.30 %

Form of delivery: Solid granules
HS Code: 27131100
#Packing: 1-1.2 MT big bags stuffed in 40’Ctn palletized

Coal Tar Pitch

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Weight20000 kg