Polyester Polyols


Polyester Polyols are mainly used in combination with isocyanates like MDI and / or TDI to make polyurethane. Other uses are in combination with melamines, acrylates, epoxy, etc. A standard Polyester Polyols are based on different types of acids and glycols and tailored-made grades are also possible to develop for your needs.


  • Urethane Panel Production when used with MDI /TDI and other additives.
  • PUR hot melt adhesive applications including green strength, creep resistance, substrate bonding profiles and open time.
  • Flexible Packaging adhesive where polyester polyols deliver improved hydrolytic stability under acid and base conditions, flexibility, good pot life.
  • Urethane Coating Resins where polyester polyols can be further compounded to radiation curable oligomers or polyurethane dispersions, offering hardness, solvent resistance.
  • High quality polyurethane sealants
  • Conveyor belts
  • Flexible PU Foam
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Polyester Polyols are typically produced by the condensation reaction of a glycol with a dicarboxylic acid.

  • A Standard polyester polyols have broader molecular distribution due to high viscosity & the nature of the reaction between the glycol and the dicarboxylic acid.
  • Higher performance polyesters such as polycaprolactones are of significant lower viscosities,  enhanced mechanical properties, as well as enhanced low temperature and high temperature performance properties.


AppearanceYellow liquid
Color (Gardner)Max 5
Water ContentMax 0.1 %
Hydroxyl Number120 ± 10 mg KOH/g 
Viscosity at 25°C5,000 ± 1,000 cps
Acid NumberMax 1.0 mg KOH/g

Various grades available 

#Packing:  In Drum 26kgs / 220kgs
#Certification: REACH not required

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