Refined Glycerine

Refined Glycerine is colourless and odorless, sweet-tasting viscous liquid and it is hygroscopic. It has well solubilizer, plasticizer, moisturizing and preserving agent. 100% vegetable origin and Kosher certified

#Application Area:

  • Refined Glycerine widely used in pharmaceuticals, food, paints, textiles, cosmetics, daily chemicals etc.
  • Used in  Personal care items such as tooth pastes, cosmetics, soaps, polyether polyols, alkyd resins.
  • Industrial purpose: PPG, antifoaming agent, water treatment agent, concrete admixtures

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Refined Glycerine USP Grade
Appearance Visual :   Transparent
Glycerol Content (%wt) USP 41 :   99.7 min
Color (Hazen) ASTM D 1209 :   10 max
Specific Gravity (25°C) USP 41 :  1.2610 min
Fatty Acid & Esters (ml,0.5N NaOH) USP 41 :  1.0 max
Water Content (%wt) USP 41 :  0.3 max
Residue on Ignition (%wt) USP 41 :  0.01 max
Limit of chlorinated compounds, (mg/kg) USP 41 :  30 max
Individual Impurity (%)
Form of delivery : Liquid
#Packing: HDPE drums / Flexibag

Additional information

Weight20000 kg

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