Thioglycolic Acid and Derivative

Thioglycolic acid is a colorless liquid with a strong, typical mercaptan disagreeable odor.

#Application Area:

1. Pharmaceutical intermediate;
2. Chain transfer agent for Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer
3. Raw material for PVC tin stabilizers;
4. Concrete admixture.


Thioglycolic Acid & Derivative

Thioglycolic acid is used in Construction chemical as transferring agent , cosmetic formulations including permanent wave solutions and depilatories, in pharmaceutical manufacture, and as a stabilizer for vinyl plastics. TGA is often called mercaptoacetic acid (MAA). It contains both a thiol (mercaptan) and carboxylic acid functional groups. It is a colorless liquid with a strongly unpleasant odor. TGA is miscible with polar organic solvents. It is an alternative to 3MPA – 3 mercaptopropionic-acid, a strong reducing agent especially at high pH and a good nucleophilic agent.


ItemsTGA 80 TechTGA 99 
AspectClear colourless, liquid
Purity %, wt79.0 – 81.5Min. 99
Iron %Max. 0.1Max. 0.2
Density @ 20°C g/cm31.28 ± 0.011.325 ± 0.01
Chloro Acetic Acid %Max. 0.05 
Refractive Index1.466 ± 0.01

#HSC: 29309099
#Packing:  IBC Packing in containers
#Certification: REACH

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