White Petroleum Jelly USP

Explore the endless possibilities of this classic formula and experience the gentle care and comfort it brings to your daily routine.

#Grade: US Pharmacopeia grade British Pharmacopeia European Pharmacopeia [USP / BP / Ph Eur]
#Certification: GMP, Kosher

  • A favoured by personal care and pharmaceutical companies as a very versatile, safe and economical formulation base. Used as an ointment base, protective dressing and soothing applications to the skin. These gels offer an excellent barrier to moisture and thus prevent moisture loss from the skin.

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White Petroleum Jelly USP /BP/Ph. Eur is a purified mixture of semi-solid hydrocarbons from petrolatum and is decolourized. Embrace the benefits of White Petroleum Jelly USP and unlock its potential to enhance your skincare regimen, providing lasting moisture and protection for your skin’s health and vitality.

Intense MoisturizationBarrier Protection
Soothing ReliefLip Care
Makeup RemoverHealing Properties
Versatile UsageGentle and Non-Allergenic
Affordable Skincare SolutionTime-Tested Formula

#Grade: US Pharmacopeia grade British Pharmacopeia European Pharmacopeia
#Certification: GMP, Kosher

Appearance/ColourWhite / Off White
Drop Point °C BP 201050-60
Drop Melting Point °C58-68
Congealing Point  °C50-57
Consistency @25 °C dmm155-175
Kinematic Viscosity @ 99°C5.5 – 7.5cSt

#Packing: 190 Kg net per MS Drums with pallets

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Weight5000 kg